• Fiona Feryn

I'm a published Poet and writer, a fulltime mom and enjoy life. I started to write in my teenage years, but as everyone knows at this age we want to explore life itself. I believe that each one has a destiny and a purpose in life. Mine is to write ,to inspire and motivate others through writing. I've started three years ago attending Creative Writing classes with Diana Ferrus as our Mentor of our group Di Mengelmoes. Our main goal is to break barriers within the form or writing in our home language Afrikaans within Freedom of Speech. I'm an extrovert, love nature and all the small things in life. My message to each and everyone ,young or adult. Never give up on your dreams, because dreams do come true. If nobody else believes in you, make sure you believe in yourself because you are the only one responsible making your dream comes true with the help of God. I'm a proud South African, and together we will be able to reach our destinies with our thoughts, words and pen. My first book Pêrel Skatkis van Gedagtes. I published in June 2014 through Johta Publishers. In 2014 I collaborated with 16 other writers throughout South Africa in a book called Inspirasie Volume 1.This year I collaborated with 26 other writers in Die Vier Seisoene Omnibus. If you don't take risks you will never know where you going to end up. Challenge do not only makes you strong, it builds character. Don't let anyone put you down, your the driver of your ship. My Poetry Corner is open to everyone and those that want to send me a message

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Fiona Fertyn