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  • I created this wiki because I am a upcoming writer myself,and met so many people who filled my cavities with lies.I want to encourage and motivate someone today to stay positive and don't allow anyone to put you off. First of all today I can share with the world my experiences and trouble I went through just to get my book published. People are supposed to help and assist each other to alter our living conditions.Enough my parents went through pain and suffering during the Apartheid when my father a German married a Madrassa Indian woman fromSouth Africa.

Now or NeverEdit

  • Now is the time to stand together as they're putting up monuments to create historic memories. A Shout Out to every person who has talent and special gifts lets join hands and stand together and boost in unity arround the globe.
  • If I didn't have faith and believed in the miracles of God I wouldn't had the strength to speak out in ink dripping from my thoughts. I strongly believe that we are God's Children even though we are going through difficulties nothing will last forever.

Don't QuitEdit

  • Stay focused boys and girls or adults its not the end of the world there is still hope. Technology made it easier that self publishing software has improved. I will add guidelines to help you to make a success when others thought you are a disaster or not good enough.
Thank you God

Believe to Achieve God show us the Way.

You Don't Need A Degree or DiplomaEdit

  • You don't need a degree or go to a university to be a writer and musician it's a natural gift.

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Praise Jah

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Virgil Johnson

Virgil Johnson

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Nico Kroutz

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