• Virgil Johnson is born in Uitenhage, Port Elizabeth, South Africa living in Eastern Cape. His 33 years old working as a dedicated writer and author who received a funding from National Library when his manuscript was selected in 2013.He are searching for help to get a international status in writing poetry and short stories
  • His first book is called The Art of Passion
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Author Virgil Johnson

  • Motivation to other writers and musicians

Life is a gift and we artist need to grab it with both hands. We need to make the best of every moment we get Talent is not enough to get results We need to make wise choices to make dreams a reality. It's important to collaborate with other authors, musicians and singers. We must use our gifts to change this crippled world We have the ability to make a difference. Art is the groundbreaker and life nothing without Art. Let's take hands and love each other as we need each other God give us spiritual weapons and lets unit and build nations.